About Us

At QCSS Health, we are laser-focused on simplifying the complexities of MLTSS service delivery through innovative, data-driven solutions that result in greater cost-efficiencies, more equitable access to care, and improved health outcomes.

Our Mission

To seamlessly integrate domain expertise with technology solutions to make Managed Long Term Services and Supports more successful. We are dedicated to enabling health plans and providers to improve the health outcomes of their vulnerable populations and thrive in a value-based healthcare system.

Empowering MLTSS providers. Elevating health outcomes.

Core Values

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Simplifying Complexity

We know managing cost-effective MLTSS programs can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our guiding principle is to develop innovative, easy-to-use solutions, designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of running MLTSS programs.

Member-Centric Excellence

We empower MLTSS organizations to deliver exceptional care to their members, placing individual outcomes, health equity, and the quality of care delivered at the forefront of everything we do. 

Trust is at our Core

We foster trust by leading with integrity, ethics, and the reliability of our technology. Transparency, genuine listening, and unwavering dedication to fulfilling our commitments are fundamental to how we cultivate strong and meaningful relationships.

Quick Facts

QCSS was formed after the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, to help managed care plans navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

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  • 2014

    QCSS was formed to help long term services and supports plans navigate the complexities in reimbursement and quality. Unlike other areas of healthcare, these fundamental processes became largely tied to comprehensive assessments instead of diagnosis-based coding.  

  • Our Services

    Since our founding, we've extended our service offerings to cover the most important pieces to run an effective MLTSS program including: 

    • Assessment Analyzer: For accuracy and consistency of assessments. 
    • Time Tasking Validator: For optimal utilization management.
    • Financial Forecasting: To develop automated, predictive risk models. 
    • SDOH: To incorporate all the factors that influence an individual's success. 
  • Our Footprint

    As we continue to rapidly expand and grow, we've positively impacted thousands of lives, helping organizations deliver better, more equitable care with:

    • 25 Managed Care Organizations supported
    • Over 2 million assessments analyzed
    • Over 400,000 individuals served
    • Solutions available in all 26 MLTSS states
    • SDOH available nationally
  • Our Team

    Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our team is made up of highly-experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the intricacies of MLTSS service delivery. The team is dedicated to using innovative approaches to tackling complex problems.