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Assessment Analyzer

Maximize accuracy. Optimize care and reimbursements.

Built to solve the fundamental challenge of ensuring accurate assessments, the Analyzer quickly identifies inconsistencies and suggests responses for review.

Our expert-built solutions are customized for each state's unique regulations.

Comprehensive Assessment Analyzer

By tackling issues such as data entry errors, clinician differences and changing state regulations, the Comprehensive Analyzer streamlines the assessment process and helps identify and rectify issues before they have an impact on member outcomes and financial reimbursement. The result? Better care and organizational performance. 

AA Clinical Accuracy

Improved Clinical Accuracy

The Analyzer systematically scans every answer in multi-question assessments, identifying inconsistencies and inaccuracies across questions, diagnosis, and medication in real-time. The solution offers data-driven reviews, allowing your clinical team to make the final decision with confidence.
AA Real-time

Real-Time Updates

These real-time updates ensure accurate and compliant assessments automatically, reducing manual processes, time spent and unintentional errors. Assessments and individuals are highly complex; this gives real-time accuracy without incremental manual review. Helps improve operational efficiency for assessment completion required to meet the time requirements of state regulations.

AA Quality Metrics

Quality Metrics Monitoring

Establish internal benchmarks and standards, and automate identification of at-risk members for intervention. Utilize advanced metrics to analyze member examination data from multiple sources, cross-referencing it against preventative health measures such as vaccinations, standard screenings, and more to enable accurate assessments. Ensure data accuracy at all times.

AA Quality Metrics

Enhanced Financial Results

Make informed decisions, improve time and resource management, and optimize financial performance with accurate assessments. Reduce risk and improve compliance by ensuring completeness and accuracy, and avoid unnecessary errors.

Optimized User Workflows

User-Friendly Experience

The intuitive design ensures The Analyzer  is easy-to-use and navigate for care managers and clinical operations teams. 

State-Based Logic

Ensures members are authorized for appropriate services by calculating eligibility based on state-specific guidelines. 

Administrative Time-Saving

Simplifies the assessment review process, reducing time and allowing clinical teams to focus more on delivering great care.

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