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Social Determinants of Health

Empowering better outcomes. A proactive approach to SDOH.

Designed to help you build a financially sustainable SDOH program by identifying the effectiveness of interventions and applying data-driven insights to care delivery models.

Our expert-built solutions are configured for your unique relationships with community based organizations.

Measuring Return on Interventions for SDOH

The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) platform provides a complete solution for identifying vulnerable members, recommending interventions, connecting with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and improving health outcomes.


Identify "At-Risk" Members

Unlock powerful insights into your members' health and well-being. Run customized reports and access dynamic dashboards to identify at-risk members for each Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) domain so you can quickly intervene to improve their health outcomes.


Measure Effectiveness of Community Based Organization Partners

Efficiently track and optimize the performance of your CBO partners. Analyze their ability to accept referrals, provide services, and improve the health outcomes of your members so you can take action to enhance collaboration and deliver better results.


Measure Effectiveness of Interventions

Easily track and measure the impact of each intervention for improving the health outcomes of your members. Align campaigns to focus on the interventions that produce the greatest positive impacts and results.  


Calculate Healthcare Savings

Gain in-depth insights into the healthcare savings achieved by avoiding costly services such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Retrospectively compare members who received interventions to baseline populations and analyze the impact of each intervention on overall healthcare expenses.

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