MLTSS Solutions

Assessment Analyzer

Accurate assessments every time.

Our comprehensive Assessment Analyzer provides clinically consistent evaluations that enhance accuracy, ensure appropriate reimbursement, and optimizes member care by intelligently identifying inconsistencies, calculating eligibility and monitoring quality metrics.

Time-Tasking Validator

Optimized utilization management.

Experience the efficiency of our Time Tasking Validator, a dynamic application that aligns service utilization with clinical guidelines, streamlines care management, and optimizes Health Plan operations by flagging discrepancies, estimating service costs, and managing assessor performance. 

Financial Forecaster

Confidently forecast financial results.

Leverage the power of our Financial Forecaster, a designed to optimize financial and risk-modeling performance, align time-tasking with patient support needs, and adapt to regulatory changes, ensuring a perfect balance between care delivery and financial results. 


Better interventions with measurable results.

Utilize a complete solution for collecting Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data, identifying vulnerable members, connecting with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) through a closed-loop referral, and improving health and financial outcomes.