Time Tasking Validator

Utilization Management Made Easy. Cost-efficient delivery of individualized care.

Unlock the power of Time Tasking Validator's optimized utilization management to deliver highly personalized care allocation with exceptional cost efficiency and equitable delivery of services.
Our expert-built solutions are customized for each state's unique regulations.

Time Tasking Validator

Achieve consistent care delivery by matching individual needs to the appropriate acuity levels, adhering to plan guidelines, and allowing for personalized care within a pre-determined set of rules and standards. The Time Tasking Validator enables more equitable service delivery and ensures health plans meet financial goals.

Resource Allocation@2x

Precise Resource Allocation

Enforces minimums and maximums across tasks and time, and scales time directly with assessed performance and capacity, ensuring consistent and accurate allocation.


Individualized Case Management

Allows flexibility in adjusting time within pre-set limits and facilitates appropriate individualization for unique cases requiring additional adjustments.

Cost effective@2x

Cost-Efficient Service Delivery

Captures alternative benefits and supports providing personal care, and prorates IADL and ADL services based on living arrangements and mutual aid availability. 


Alignment Across Assessments

Manage complexity of multiple assessments with similar and overlapping questions. Catch discrepancies and optimize time and resources for appropriate and individualized care delivery.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows

Effortlessly import and export data from any system, or even directly input it through our powerful Data Collector. It’s an efficient solution that works seamlessly with your workflows, so you can quickly realize the benefits of our powerful platform.


Efficient Data Utilization

Auto-populate member and health data, reducing manual entry, while importing relevant functional and treatment data for consistent acuity assessments. 


Streamlined Processes

This technology-assisted workflow starts with default values for tasks and time, minimizing the need for manual communication outside the platform.

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