Financial Forecaster

Precise and consistent forecasts. Fast, easy and automated workflows.

Spend less time on manual forecasting and more time analyzing the projections that matter. Our simple 3-step process helps you create a detailed financial forecast that projects reimbursement and expected claims in real-time.

Our expert-built solutions are customized for each state's unique regulations.

Financial Forecaster

Make the process of analyzing reimbursements and adding them to financial forecasts easier. Quickly and effortlessly create automated forecasts, review each line-item, adjust to shifting trends and evolving regulations, monitor how changes in membership affect your results, identify detailed variations by population groups, and collaborate across teams to drive your organization forward.


Improved Predictive Modeling

Automatically forecast future results with advanced predictive algorithms. Easily configure assumptions and trends throughout your forecast leveraging historical data.


Real-time Membership Data

Design a responsive bottom-up forecast that evolves with your membership in real-time. Get a comprehensive overview at the macro level or focus on specific populations for detailed insights.


Collaborate with Your Team

Create a single, reliable source of truth for baseline data. Use multiple scenarios with different assumptions to create and forecast potential outcomes while collaborating effectively with your team to deliver more accurate results.


Standardize Multi-State Operations

Generate comparable financial forecasts across Medicaid programs in different states. Strategically manage the complexity of each unique model to achieve financial excellence in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports.

Optimized Financial Planning & Analysis Workflows

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User-Friendly Experience

The inuitive design ensures the Financial Forecaster is easy-to-use and navigate for financial managers and executive teams.

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State-Based Logic

Ensures forecast are configured with the correct rate setting categories, sections, and adjustment logic based on state-specific reimbursement rates.

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Administrative Time-Savings

Simplifies the forecast creation process, standardizes the process of defining assumptions, and enables knowledge sharing across distributed teams.